Sports Illustrated: Laird Hamilton: Surfing's Wild Man of a Certain Age

In Take Every Wave, Hamilton certainly provides an interesting case study. Born in 1964, he never knew his biological father. When he was one, his mother moved to Oahu, where she met and married Bill Hamilton, a talented surfer. Laird grew up on the beach, studying the men out on the water. Lifeguards rescued him from the undertow so many times that they asked Bill, when he surfed, to lock Laird up at home.

Huffington Post: Rory Kennedy and Surf God Laird Hamilton at Gurney’s Montauk for SummerDocs

Water is a major player, and Laird Hamilton humbly calls himself a “water” man with an up close and personal relationship with fear. The film’s photography is, by the way, sensational, as it shows state of the art surfers taking mythic scale 20 story tall waves, and sailing through a wave’s cocoon. Hamilton’s allure and innovations in board-crafting have added to the surfing boom. The film does not shy away from a critique of the ills of a sport gone commercial.

Town & Country: Watch the Trailer for Rory Kennedy's New Documentary

"To me, Take Every Wave isn't a sports documentary. It is a universal story about human potential - about striving, about the power of the individual to overcome limits, and about the power we all have to create our own destiny."

Screendaily: Film Constellation Boards Laird Hamilton Doc

Film Constellation’s Fabien Westerhoff said: “What Ayrton Senna was to Formula 1, Laird Hamilton is to the surf world. A driven sportsman, inspiring millions by pushing the boundaries of a discipline to new and uncharted territories. We look forward to introducing the film to audiences worldwide”.

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